Adam Odewumi

Founder & CEO

My name is Adam Odewumi, an experienced real estate executive with over 10 years of real estate experience that encompasses real estate asset management, business development, strategic planning, and administration across San Antonio and ultimately the State of Texas. My primary objective is to help other investors and clients make money in real estate. Over the years, I generated over 500 investment transactions for my clients.

►► My focus is helping my clients make money regularly and continuously.

As a bold and innovative Realtor with an entrepreneurial mindset and deep understanding of the local market, I founded Uprise Real Estate Partners with a focus on acquiring properties that align with our vision of changing San Antonio and ultimately Texas. Our approach to real estate allows Uprise to offer our clients highly attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities.

►► Get optimal results by investing in quality, innovative real estate in Texas.

My investment solutions are designed for high net worth investors, desired by tenants and guarantees high returns. I have simplified the process of investing in real estate assets that produce income and growth for you; these solutions ensure investors have access to a portfolio of quality, private commercial real estate.

In a rapidly changing Real Estate marketplace, investors need to not only have advanced industry knowledge but also be flexible and open to new opportunities. My specialties include Real Estate Development, Acquisitions & Due Diligence, Real Estate Asset Management, Real Estate Financing, Project Management, Business Development and Operations management.

As an established leader in multifamily investing, I specialize in the following investment asset classes: mixed or single-use properties incorporating office, retail, multifamily, for-sale residential, unimproved land, warehouse/flex, or hotels.


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