James Warden

Real Estate Trusted Advisor

My name is James Warden and I’m a Real Estate Trusted Advisor with over 2 years of experience with apartment location, home buyers, home sellers, land, mobile homes and investors in the single-family residential space. I have a special focus and detailed experiences in dealing with probate cases and affidavit of heirship situations. These are sensitive and tough to navigate but have blessed me with the tools to guide families to the finish line when any real estate challenge/need comes our way. I fell in love with real estate through the impact that I’ve made by serving and honoring many families here in San Antonio and throughout Texas! I’m blessed to have found a career that I love and I’m excited to see where it takes me as I give my all to give value and serve families the “Uprise” way ❤️👍🏼

“James Warden went above and beyond in our home buying process. He understood our needs and wants and made sure things were handled and addressed timely. We purchased a home from out of state and he advocated for us in our absence which earned our trust in him as a real estate professional! Julien also made sure to give us that confidence that he would also help if James was unavailable, however James was so attentive and on top of things, we had no need for further help! I cannot stress how happy we were in choosing James Warden with Uprise Real Estate Partners in buying a home, thank you for all you have done for our family!!“
Fred & Monica Smith

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