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The days of buyers just needing door openers are over.

The buyers of the 21st Century have online portals where they can look for homes for sale. The buyers of today have the world at their fingertips because their computers and phones are practically data centers. The real help Buyers need is processing all that data. Buyers are looking for trusted advisors who will help guide them through the entire process of purchasing homes. With the ever changing world of interest rates, lending changes, economic changes, and government regulations on the banks buyers are looking for true “Real” Estate Professionals to help guide them through the process and understand all their options so they can make the best decisions for themselves. Buyers are also hoping to move away from Realtors who are looking to do the least amount of work for their commission check, and instead work with true professional realtors who care about their buyer’s goals and will give them the tips, tricks, and strategies to be successful. Cool Stuff.





Hundreds of questions are running through your mind right now. Is homeownership right for me? Is it time to upgrade? Is it time to downgrade? Is the market right for what I’m looking to do? Is there anyone that can help make all of this more simple? These are all valid and important questions and there is no way to sugar coat it, the home buying process can be complicated, disappointing and frustrating. We are HERE TO HELP and alleviate your concerns. Our three simple goals allow us to successfully lead you on your journey into home ownership.

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    The process is complicated, but we want to make it as SIMPLE as possible.
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    We never want to be average, our goal is to bring more VALUE to you than you expect.
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    We do everything possible to make sure your future home is a BLESSING.
"Adam and Travis were great to work with. I actually work with the title company that handles his listings so I've worked with Adam for a while. This is precisely why I reached out to him when I was looking for a home. He is very seasoned and creative in all things real estate and really helped to give me peace of mind throughout the home buying process. I look forward to working with him again the next time I purchase a home. Travis was great to work with also. Very responsive, eager and just an all around great guy. Really made us feel like our goals were his goals. He is fairly new but we are confident he will go far in this field."
Jose Renteria

How uprise helps you reach your goals

Assess Your current situation
Define Your goals and timeframe
Get educated and understand all Your options
Have a custom strategy and game plan created for You by Uprise
Work as team to execute the Game plan
Achieve Your goals and have Your home be a blessing to You now and for the future
"If I could give [Julien] a 6 I would. He responded to my constant home buyer-zilla texts and phone calls promptly. I felt cared for and that my needs were met. Plus, he probably broke the record for finding a house quicker than anyone else."
Nigel E.L. Ruiz

Free Professional Service

Many first-time home buyers avoid agents because they just aren’t sure if they can afford their professional services. The truth is, on any normal transaction, our service won’t cost you a thing. The Buyer’s Agent usually receives his commission from the seller. In that case, we suggest you use the best agent you can find. Great agents will not only lead you through the process, they will help you negotiate the best deal, solve problems when they arise, and hold other parties accountable to deadlines and promises.

Consistent Communication

We desire an open communication loop with you. Expect us to frequently touch base while we are trying to locate your next home. Once we find it, at the very minimum, we will call you every Tuesday and provide you with an update regarding your transaction, provide copies of contracts and documents, important transactional details, appointments, and resources so that you always know what is going on with your transaction and what our next step will be.

Your Plan of Action

Our team has daily meetings to discuss where we are in your home buying process: What has happened and what needs to happen to find you a home, orchestrate an offer, or walk your property through closing. We discuss a plan of action and what tasks need to be completed before the day’s end. No more wondering where your Realtor® is and what they are doing to find you a home.

Phenomenal Follow-up

The number one complaint of recent home buyers, about real estate agents, is a lack of communication. To go along with the frequent update calls, you will also receive a daily manifest, via e-mail, of any and all actions that were taken by us, on your behalf, throughout the day. Our goal is to lead you through the process, but you will have complete transparency along every step of the way.

we look forward to helping you buy your next home

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