Barbara Corcoran

March 1, 2021

Uprise’s vision began with the saying “Real Estate with Purpose.” Our core values of Family, Stewardship, Honor, Drive, and Legacy usher in the culture of transformation that CEO and Founder Adam Odewumi originally envisioned. With a Legacy focused mindset, our team knows that the little things make a big difference so we honor people’s goals and families, and we help them improve their current circumstance through education and opportunities.

Women have been breaking barriers and making history long before 1995 when the President declared March as Women’s History Month. The United States began celebrating Women’s Day in 1909, on the one year anniversary of the garment strikes in New York City. Thousands of women marched for economic and political rights through lower Manhattan to Union Square in 1908. This month, we honor Barbara Corcoran who broke barriers in Real Estate and continues to use her business acumen to help other women succeed.

Corcoran is the 2nd of 10 children who struggled through school due to her dyslexia. After failing several times, she changed schools and eventually graduated as a “D” student from high school. She went on to college and received a degree in education. She taught for one year and changed jobs. By age 23, Corcoran had worked over 20 jobs and realized that she wanted to be her own boss. After working as a receptionist for a brokerage, she borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend and started a real estate business. Corcoran credits creativity for her success in real estate. Her first listing was a one bedroom apartment in New York. After pouring over ads, she realized that everyone was listing one bedroom apartments with similar wording and at the same price point. She asked the owner to build a wall in the apartment so she could advertise the apartment as a one bedroom with a den for the same price that everyone else was renting out a one bedroom. She printed her ad in the New York Times on Sunday and had 60 calls that day from prospective tenants. From fun parties to boost employee morale to buying out competitor’s URLs, Corcoran used her creativity to build a real estate empire that she sold for $70 million in 2001. Corcoran believes, “Business is the most creative sport in the world. If you can dream it, you can actually make it happen.” She’s authored several books, she is a motivational speaker, a content contributor for news shows and magazines, and she has helped build many businesses through her tenure on Shark Tank.

One of our new clients mentioned at her property’s closing that through real estate investing she feels like “she can dream again.”

Corcoran is proof that we shouldn’t let go of our dreams. Instead, we should chase them wholeheartedly and make them come true. With a touch of creativity and a whole lot of determination, dreams are achievable. Uprise stands by its mission to help transform people’s lives financially, spiritually, and personally. One of our new clients mentioned at her property’s closing that through real estate investing she feels like “she can dream again.” Our client has dreamed of going into full time ministry for some time, but knew that the financial side of ministry can be difficult. She didn’t want to rely 100% on people’s donations, but felt it was time for her to leave her cleaning business. After meeting with Uprise and discussing the benefits of real estate investing, she learned she had another option to make her dream a reality. As she looked at properties, she became more excited about the path that real estate investing could lead her on. After purchasing her rental property, she feels she can dream again and is excited to move towards serving people through her ministry work. Corcoran states “finding opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there.” At Uprise Real Estate Partners not only do we believe that we can help transform the lives of our clients and help them achieve their goals, we are seeing that transformation by the opportunities for growth that we present to our investors.


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