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At Uprise Real Estate Partners, we are changing the lives of clients and investors all over the world each and every day… And at the center of it all is our World-Class Team. Want to join the Uprise Family? See below…

About Uprise

We are Uprise Real Estate Partners. We help investors mold their businesses from “hustles” into scalable machines while simultaneously creating more growth and freedom than ever in every area of their lives…

Our Team of A-Players are spread across the globe. At Upirse we focus on getting better every day.

What we do specifically is build relationships with investors to help them grow and scale their real estate investments with strategic planning and hand-picked opportunities.

We help investors save time and save frustrations. We first help establish their vision and then work backwards from that end goal to determine the right strategy and game-plan based on their capital, experience, and risk tolerance. We also start the process of removing them from the day-to-day management and systemize their operations to give our clients time back to spend on other areas of their life. At the end, we add growth strategies to their investment plan to help them scale their business.

We are focused on “Results, Period!” as one of our core values and have an incredibly high success rate.

“The team that we have here at Uprise is amazing! When we say that one of our core values is “The Team, The Team, The Team”, we mean it. Nothing feels better than knowing you are making a huge impact and doing it with people you love.”
Lori Marie
Uprise Project Manager

Future of Uprise

A company that provides turn key services for investors to invest in real estate whether it is to make money in real estate or build long-term wealth. A company that provides an ecosystem of investors, vendors, lenders, contractors, services, etc that brings value to investors to save them time, money, and frustrations.

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Why Working With Uprise Is Such Good Opportunity

World-Class Team

We work hard and move fast here at Uprise. It’s our belief that surrounding yourself with A-Players is the best way to keep you motivated to be the best version of yourself that you can. We pride ourselves on our team of World-Class talents and are looking to continuously grow our roster.

Flexible Schedules

Results! We care more about results. Being in the real estate industry allows some of us to have a flexible schedule. For certain circumstances and roles we can create flexible schedules.

Growth Opportunities

Uprise is a rapidly expanding company that is always creating new pathways for success. Whether it’s expanding our team internally or acquiring/starting a new company, there are always opportunities for growth. In addition to the growing opportunities, we have an abundance of internal trainings, programs, and workshops for our internal team members.

Make an Impact

Results. Period! This is one of our core Objectives at Uprise and probably our most proud. It’s one thing to enjoy what you do, but a whole other thing when what you do also produces significant results. Every day we’re changing the lives of our Clients and their families. We’re here to create massive waves in the real estate world!

“If you have a passion for helping people, love seeing businesses grow exponentially and enjoy working with a fantastic team… jump on board the fast-moving Uprise train.”
Vanessa Odewumi
Uprise COO

Our Core Values

More than Business
Valuing People
Faithfully Honoring God's Supply
Inspiring Transformation
Desire to Grow

Uprise Current Jobs

Investment Real Estate Sales Agent

We are accepting applications for a qualified Investment Real Estate Sales Agent to join our growing Uprise team and get paid to empower Investors from around the world with our proven Uprise investment programs.

This is all about helping investors purchase real estate investments that will make them money using Uprise methodology.

Buyer's Agent

We are accepting applications for Uprise Real Estate Buyer’s Agents to assist our growing team and be mentored so we can help more real estate buyers and sellers from around the world make money and grow with our proven strategic game planning methods and hand picked opportunities.

This is all about helping buyers and sellers purchase real estate investments that will make them money using Uprise methodology.

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