November 2020 Market Update

The Californian Exodus Amidst the COVID Pandemic

COVID-19 brought the world to a halt requiring people everywhere to rethink and strategize how to live in this new dawn, this new age where technology is reshaping how people work and where people have more flexibility with work and school than ever before. According to Daily Caller and Fox News, the COVID pandemic, the homeless crisis, and higher tax rates have contributed to more families leaving the large cities in California. For those choosing to stay in California, they are opting for homes in the suburbs where they can purchase larger homes with built in offices, home study areas, swimming pools and larger backyards for their families to enjoy. Families are home much more now that people are teleworking and children are distance learning, so larger homes with an added entertainment value are a must for these families. Large cities in California have been hot spots for the virus as so many people are packed very closely together and people are looking for a safer option. 

Alternatively, some Calfornians are choosing to leave the state altogether.  Wealthy Californians including celebrities are leaving each year due to the proposed increase in income tax for the wealthy and they are finding homes in states like Montana, Wyoming, and Texas that offer much more land for their buck. According to California Globe, the Golden State lost about 2.5 percent of its total population from 2007 to 2016 due to domestic migration. In 2018 more than 691,145 Californians left the state with 86,164 people moving to Texas. More businesses are leaving California due to the state’s business taxation. More families are choosing to live outside big cities to avoid the riots which were strife with violence and destruction as well as the increasing COVID-19 spread. Texas was overwhelmingly the top spot for Californians due to the lack of a state income tax, larger lot sizes, and lax laws for businesses. Overall, Calfornians are moving to states with less taxation with Texas being the top state of choice. As more “people realize they can work from home, many are choosing to make their primary home a place outside of a big city.” 

The Texas Hill Country has become a popular destination for Californians as it has many items on their checklist. The area is one of the fastest growing economies in the United States and offers great homes near plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy such as vineyards, hiking, and boating or swimming at lakes. Whether you are looking to move to a Texas City like Austin or San Antonio or to a smaller city with great river and lake attractions like Marble Falls, Kerrville, San Marcos, or New Braunfels, the Texas Hill Country is a great place to consider for your next move. If you know anyone thinking about moving to the Lone Star State, please send Uprise their information or have them contact Uprise themselves. We can provide a wealth of information about the region and help them find their new home. Additionally, if Texas cities are getting too crowded for you or someone you know, Uprise can provide information for great rural locations with larger family homes. 

If you Love your home, but it needs an upgrade—Check out our latest remodel!

It is one thing to have the desire to upgrade and renovate your home. It is another thing to have to deal with the finances, scope of work, and  design aspects of the project all while finding good contractors, managing those contractors and going through the emotional rollercoaster of problems and issues that come up during construction. On top of that you still have to manage your vision for the remodel, the people on the project, your family and yourself through the whole process. If the previous sentences gave you a headache, then look no further for relief. Uprise expanded its Project Management Services to owner occupants. Uprise strives to provide Homeowners with a team that is looking out for their best interest, to minimize the frustration and stresses that normally come with construction projects, and to ensure that our client’s vision becomes a reality all while being budget friendly.

Cassie and her family bought their home in 2016. Due to COVID-19, the family found themselves spending more time at home which made them kickstart all the renovation projects they had been desiring. Cassie and her husband Mike had envisioned a complete overhaul of their kitchen by opening up a wall to create an open concept floor plan, and adding a modern touch to their guest bathroom. Their vision was no simple task. The Kitchen design required a complete reconfiguration which involved moving gas lines for the stove, moving plumbing lines, and upgrading the electrical.

Cassie approached Uprise completely frustrated over the lack of communication from general contracting companies, and the outrageously expensive bids she received. Her family began thinking that their home renovation was not possible. When Uprise joined the family’s effort, our first priority was to help Cassie and Mike figure out what it would take to accomplish their goal. Our next step was helping them get the most bang for their buck in light of their budget. Check out the progress we have made so far!!

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