The history behind Uprise!



Welcome to Uprise Real Estate Partners! We would like to introduce ourselves and provide free value to you over the course of your search for your next real estate journey. Providing value is key to who we are. Our desire is not to be like every other real estate company out there. At Uprise the bottom line has nothing to do with currency and everything to do with legacy! 

Chances are, you know a real estate agent, they may even be good, but there is a flaw in the average relationship between home buyer and real estate agent. Some agents perform real estate transactions every day, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because that is the norm in this industry, many lack the understanding that you, the buyer or seller, only do a real estate transaction a couple times in your life, if that many. Sometimes agents forget that those hundreds of thousands of dollars in their hands are actually your hundreds of thousands of HARD-EARNED dollars. We just want you to understand that there is a difference between a competent agent and a competent agent who cares about you, your goals, your dreams, and the things that are most important to you when it comes to your home purchase. We remind ourselves every day that our business is about people, our business is about YOU. 

We started business as a two person team working for another company, just an agent and marketer. We quickly realized that we were different than most real estate teams out there. Within  two years, we did more business then the rest of our company combined. They kindly handed over the reigns and gave us the opportunity to lead the way. We used the next three years to perfect our methods, hone in our service, and build systems that could sustain a company that looked at the market and didn’t like how it treated people like you. Eight figures of real estate revenue later, we we launched Uprise Real Estate Partners. You won’t see a hundred agents passing out Uprise business cards because we don’t work with just anyone. Each member of our team is hand-picked and of the highest quality of real estate agent. You are not trusting the sale of your home to someone that just got a license, an agent that works part-time, or an agent that isn’t completely competent when it comes to helping you meet your goals. Uprise is here to elevate the industry, fight for you, and help you come out ahead.   

If you need our help at any time during this journey please feel free to reach out, we know that you may need an advocate, a sounding-board, an opinion and we want to be that for you! 

Uprise Real Estate Partners

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