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Who Are We Looking For?


We are looking for wholesalers who want to establish strategic industry partnerships that allow all involved to grow and prosper. We value integrity and doing business the right way so that long-term business relationships can be established. We need consistent deal flow to meet the needs of our investor clients, therefore we are looking for teams that do at least 2 deals a month consistently. We love to work with wholesalers that have a win-win mentality and are willing to make deals work and negotiate so that everyone succeeds and deals happen. We only work with those that actually have properties under contract. If it isn’t your deal, please don’t bring it to us.

We are looking for wholesalers we can connect with so we can provide more off-market properties and off-market deals to our investors.

Who Are We?


At Uprise, we not only take pride in what we do (execute/deliver results for our clients), but how we do it. Our core values are family, honor, stewardship, legacy, and drive. Unlike most people in real estate we are NOT transactional focused. We are relationship-focused and never just focus on the current transaction. We literally work to help our investors and people we work with be successful. This way we can ensure we do business again, again, and again. We honor people by always looking out for their best interests even if that negatively impacts our bottom line in the short-term. We strive to be good stewards of all the resources that are provided to us so that we can be given more. We get tremendous fulfilment from helping our clients create their legacy and developing ours in the process. We have a relentless drive to deliver results and improve every day. We seek to do business with like-minded individuals/companies. We focus on helping investors save time and frustration. This helps us have a strong client base, and gain the reputation of always being able to close.

Our 3 Main Services

Traditional Brokerage

Predominantly for investors

Project Management Services

For rehabs

Equity Partnerships

On flips and syndications of apartments over 100 units

“Adam has been very helpful in helping us get started with our rental business. I appreciate his teaching and passion.”
Great Oaks LLC

What's in it For You?


Serious & Consistent Buyers

We always have a steady flow of investor clients that are coming through our pipeline. We interview investors before agreeing to work with them. Yes, we actually vet our investor clients because we don’t have time to waste. As part of our process, we vet each potential client carefully and help them develop a strategy and game plan including getting all of their financing lined up and solidified. This means that our buyers are serious and when we find properties that work for our client’s strategy, we act and we close. 

We put a lot of work in up front with our investor clients to overcome their obstacles, false expectations, misconceptions, fears, etc., so that by the time they start actively looking, they are ready to act.

Regular Content

We provide regular content to our list of preferred wholesalers about the market, trends, common pitfalls, etc. If you are in alignment with us, we want to see you grow and prosper and will add whatever value we can to make that happen.
Stop just getting education from other wholesalers who may or may not have good reputations in the marketplace, or who are not really teaching you to move from a hustle to a true business. The founder of our company has been a wholesaler, investor, realtor, business owner, etc., so we like to give content and education that will make you whole and better overall. We will be sharing content, education, and insight to help you become more efficient and streamline your processes in your wholesale business. E.g. How to evaluate rehabs better so your deals sell faster. Know upfront what investors are looking for so you know how to negotiate and have more solid numbers. Gain understanding about the ideal type of investor buyer for your particular deal so you know where and how to focus your marketing efforts. Stop wasting time marketing a property to the wrong buyers. Learn how to structure your business once you start making consistent profits. Get insight and coaching into how to scale and hire staff. Get connected to our ecosystem of partners, investors, vendors, CPA, attorneys, contractors, etc. Learn how to develop a good reputation in the marketplace where you are sought out as a go-to wholesaler.  
Do you have a property you are having a hard time moving? Hit us up and we are always happy to help find a way to move it before you lose it.
“Adam has helped me find, buy, and sell many properties in San Antonio. His market knowledge and advice are top notch. I'm sure I will use his services in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

Are We in Alignment?

In the interest of full transparency, we aren’t a good fit for everyone. We are not your typical realtors. As you can tell from the way we do business and our core values, we do things differently. If we aren’t in alignment with the people that we start doing business with, we have learned that it just wastes everyone’s time and energy. If we are in alignment, great things happen. If you feel that you are in alignment with us based on what you see on this page, please enter your information in the form below and we look forward to connecting and doing business together soon!

If you've read through this page and believe our business and core values are in alignment with your, we'd love to speak with you.

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