Strategy + Game Plan = Success

Our Uprise Success Formula Helps Investors Make Money

Most people looking to invest in real estate think the most important things are looking for a good deal. At Uprise we know this is not a formula for success. Plenty of investors look for good deals and still end up buying bad deals or end up losing money. How can everyone be looking for a good deal but people still lose money? Easy, the most important thing for your success is not a good deal. Shoot, you might not even know what to do with a good deal when you get it. You might not have the experience to manage the good deal the way it needs to be managed.

Uprise Success Formula is Capital + Experience + Risk Tolerance + Goals = Successful Strategy

the greatest impact on your success as an investor is your STRATEGY AND GAME PLAN

We Are Different and it shows


“I am just looking for a deal”

Based on our experience, investors who say this, never take action and never make money which is why we don’t work with investors that tell use to “send them any deals we come across.” A deal is different for each investor based on their strategy, capital, experience, and risk tolerance so we sit down with each investor client and make sure we know exactly where they are at in all of these areas and develop a strategy and game plan that is catered to their responses. We assist in creating this strategy and game plan based on our context and experience gained through doing hundreds of deals over the past 10 years for ourselves and our clients.

Not sure about your ARV, rental rate, and rehab costs? Is this making it difficult for you to analyze and identify deals with the confidence needed in this fast-moving market?
“I have been working with the Uprise team for 8 years. They have helped me sell 11 of my investment properties in that time period. The transactions were always smooth. I was kept informed at every stage of the process. The update call each week was like clockwork and kept my nerves at bay knowing I would be kept in the loop. I have total confidence and trust that they will do the right thing and get me the best deal. Will I use them when the time comes for my next RE transaction? ABSOLUTELY!!”
Logan Skidmore

We've Heard it All

“You can’t find deals on the MLS”

Not true. We are proficient and helping investors find on-market deals because of our familiarity with the market and experience getting deals on the MLS. We almost always get MLS properties well below asking, so many deals that don’t look like deals to everyone else turn into deals after our offer and negotiation processes

“Working with wholesalers is frustrating and time consuming”

We have access to large off-market inventory. We have a list of VIP wholesalers that we work with on a regular basis and filter through their deals looking only for properties that meet our investor’s goals. The wholesalers that make it on our VIP list are ones that we trust/have done business with in the past/would do business with ourselves as investors. We never trust the numbers that the wholesaler provides and always double check the numbers on the properties to filter them before they ever get sent out to our investors. We have been the investor getting tons of deals from wholesalers and not having enough time to filter through the 10 “deals” to find the 1 where the real numbers actually work so we provide this service to our investor clients to save them time and frustration.

“My properties are sitting on the market and I am not sure why"

We also help with the disposition of our client’s properties. We have several strategies to minimize days on market. We know what demographic to target for the different neighborhoods/areas of the city so that we can make recommendations during the rehab process to ensure that you are maximizing the ROI on the money you put into the investment and that you will be appealing to to correct portion of the buyer pool for your property when you go to sell or rent it. This is a part of the strategy and game plan that we create upfront.

“I am an investor and look for a good ROI. I have purchased two rental properties with Adam's help and have been extremely happy with the process. I do this all from California so I rely on his local expertise to ensure that I am getting value for my investment capital. I highly recommend Adam Odewumi. Thank you Adam - now let's go find another property!!!”
Ron Compton

Dedicated Support

Investors that have the best returns have the end in mind from the beginning. Your exit strategy and plans for the property will determine how you need to buy it. Many investors miss out on opportunities because they use an imperfect buying strategy. In one situation you might need to focus on getting the most equity, in another, it might be more important to get something that has a low rehab cost. Investment needs to be fluid. Do you have a winning buying strategy?

"We Culture"

Rehab is where money is made or lost. There are certain ways to estimate your rehab budget that will reduce your risk of unexpected issues. Rehabbing a rental the same way you would a flip is good way to lose hard-earned money. Hiring a general contractor? or are you going to manage the rehab yourself? There are many things to consider that will determine whether you succeed or fail when it comes to investing. Every project is unique, do you have a bomb-proof strategy?

Tailored Listing Strategies

Investing is more than flipping houses. We help investors in many different ways: rentals, buy and hold, vacation properties, seller finance… Ultimately your strategy is what is important. Is it better to owner finance a home for 10 years than rent it out? Does that vacation rental have a higher ROI and cap rate? Should you flip that home quickly, or does that foreclosure carry a penalty within 3 months. Perhaps, you would rather flip real estate notes… Let us help you strategize by starting with your goals!

we look forward to helping you Increase your ROI and Profits

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