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With Uprise’s Project Management Services you will find that you now have LEVERAGE working for you and more TIME to focus on raising capital and looking for more DEALS!

Many people, including investors, share these same dreams and desires but most encounter obstacles that delay or prevent their dreams from coming true. One common obstacle for investors is the management of the rehabs for their investment properties. Many investors spend countless hours and tons of money learning the nuances of identifying good ideas, creating leads, finding sources for capital, but few, VERY FEW, investors are taught and shown how to efficiently and successfully manage the rehab process. Yes, it’s important to buy the right property to make a profit. However, it’s just as important to rehab the property the right way to preserve your profit. Managing rehabs for a profit is more than just picking out countertops and light fixtures. It is dealing with people, contractors, project problems, communication issues, money, lenders, inspectors, code enforcement, permits, budgets, timelines, and much more. 

If you Dream of Financial Freedom, Desire to Build Passive Income, Have a Passion to Invest in Real Estate and Create a Legacy for your Family. We want to talk to you!

Our Project Management Services are for Investors / Sellers Tired or Worried About:

What Kind of Investors Use Our Project Management Services?

Our Project Management Services are mainly for...

  1. Investors who are looking to scale but don’t have leverage and are limited on time. We’ve had clients who we would help flip two to four homes in a year or buy two to three rental properties in a year. Then, the next year they would want to double up or increase but many of them were professionals who worked full-time jobs. Trying to go to multiple projects throughout the week while working full-time is difficult. If this is your current situation, Uprise Project Management Services allow you to remain the decision maker, but have someone else doing all the running around to Home Depot and Lowe’s, scheduling and collecting all the bids from contractors, going to the property several times a week, and verifying that the work has been completed before payment.
  2. Investors who are looking to invest here in Texas but are not local. If you want to invest in Texas but don’t want to keep flying down here to manage the renovations but you also know you can’t just blindly trust a General Contractor to look out for your best interests as an investor, our Project Management Services are for you. We allow you to remain the decision maker but have someone local in Texas with feet-on-the-ground to be your assistant and help manage the rehab.
  3. Homeowners who want to renovate their home without the contractor headaches. If you’re a homeowner that doesn’t want to deal with the headache of managing contractors and would like to work with a team that knows how to get work done at a discount and/or know how to get an ROI on money spent on renovations, our Project Management Services can help you.
Whichever scenario you may find yourself in today, what you really need to gain is the proper tools, systems, and leverage. Uprise’s Project Management Services provides all those things.
“I am an investor and look for a good ROI. I have purchased two rental properties with Adam's help and have been extremely happy with the process. I do this all from California so I rely on his local expertise to ensure that I am getting value for my investment capital. I highly recommend Adam Odewumi. Thank you Adam - now let's go find another property!!!”
Ron Compton

Uprise's Project management Services Help investors to:

Lower Their Risk
Leverage Their Time
Make Profits
Make Money While Learning
Protect their Money/profits
“Adam has been very helpful in helping us get started with our rental business. I appreciate his teaching and passion.”
Great Oaks LLC

we look forward to helping you Manage Your Properties

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